Massage Techniques

Swedish Massage: is an oiled or lotioned, relaxing, therapeutic massage incorporating long flowing and kneading strokes. Light to medium pressure is used. Increases circulation and deeply soothes. Recommended for a first time massage.
Deep Tissue Massage: A specific technique which unlocks deep-seated tension and emotional obstructions. Great for the really stressed.
Sports Massage: can utilize both Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques depending on the client’s performance related needs. The treatment helps rid the body of metabolic wastes and increases immune system functioning. Excellent treatment when preparing for sport activities or after a strenuous workout.
Reflexology: Specific for hands and feet. Plentiful nerve endings connect to all body parts. The therapists breaks up the crystallization and moves blocked energy. Reflexology Plus is hands, feet and neck.
Pre & Post Natal (Pregnancy Massage): Designed for the Mother-to-be, this massage uses light to medium pressure and is a full-body massage and the massage is done with your comfort in mind.
Hot Stone Therapy: As hot stones are used to massage your body, you can feel the tension melt away while ridding your body of unwanted toxins. These stones are placed on the body strategically to enhance the feeling of oneness with the earth, reconnecting us to our basic elements.
Shiatsu Massage: Japanese massage technique based on energy balancing or (hi). Rhythmic pressure applied along meridian pathways clears blockage and stimulates the functioning of internal organs.

Ear Candling
: This treatment can be combined with a relaxing scalp massage. Ear Candles are used to aid in the cleansing of the ear of excess was and have also been reported to improve hearing and sinus drainage. Helps relieve head pressure (headaches and migraines), swimmers ear, etc. Restores an overall feeling of balance.
Scalp Massage: Re-hydration of the hair and scalp is vital to good health. Wonderful for the relaxation of the neck and shoulders. The oils used bring continued benefit for several hours.

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