Being “Loyal” Saves You…

Want to get regular massages for your health or for pure relaxation? Do you want a massage from someone who knows what they’re doing? If you said yes, then Melanie is your L.M.T. Come in and purchase your first 1hr. or 90 min. massage up front and you will get the “Loyalty Card” deal. This deal offers you a $20 off of either the 1hr. or 90 min. massages each time you come back, up to 10 massages ($65 1hr. massages are $45 and $95 90 min. massages are $75). Additionally, if you get all 10 massages in before a year is up, you will get a FREE 1hr massage. That’s a grand total of a $265 to $295 savings.
This is an on-going offer to be had for anyone invested in taking good care of themselves on a regular basis. Call Melanie at #435-275-2777 to get in on this one of a kind deal.

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